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San Ginesio Spumante Dolce D.O.C.

Controlled Designation of Origin

V ernà is produced with Vernaccia Nera grapes, native of the high hill of Macerata province, near Sibillini mountains. This sparkling wine is obtained after a long re-fermentation with Martinotti metod. The color is intense ruby red with floral aromas of rose and violet, fruity of currant and blueberry and spicy of black pepper. The bubbles are fine with a soft and persistent red froth, the taste is sweet but not cloying, with good persistence and great appeal. Ideal for desserts of dry pastries, rustic or alone for a cheerful toast.

Technical sheet

Characteristics of the sparkling wine Vernà

Production area

The grapes come from our vineyards located in the territory of San Ginesio, between 300 and 400 meters above sea level, oriented to South/East on the hills of the Fiastrella valley, the soil is medium textured, clayey, deep and fertile.


Vernaccia Nera, a typical grape of the Macerata province hinterland, near the Sibillini Mountains.

Vinification and aging

The harvest is in the second half of october and is done by hand. After the soft crushing and de-stamming, it follows the fermentation on the skins at controlled temperature which accentuates all the grape’s peculiarities aromatic. The base wine obtained is turned into sparkling wine using the Martinotti metod and after a long re-fermentation (prise de mousse) is bottled and ready to be consumed.

Organoleptic characteristics

Ruby red with purple hues, floral aromas of rose and violet and fruity blackcurrant and blueberries with grassy and spicy notes, fine bubbles, numerous and persistent with a light and persisten red froth, the flavour is sweet but not cloying, with good persistence and great appeal .


Ideal for dry pastry, dessert with red fresh fruits or red fruit jams, it is perfect even by itself for a cheerful toast.

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