Concentrated Cooked Must

T he Sapa is very concentrated cooked must and it has ancient origins, dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. Our Sapa is obtained from the prolonged, slow cooking of the must to reduce it by about 70%. The grapes used come from our vineyards and are, above all, Sangiovese and Trebbiano, without adding anything else. The result is a non-alcoholic, sweet syrup, with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste, with intense aromas of caramel and honey. It is an excellent condiment for cheese, ice cream, strawberries and fruit salads, it is used in sauces and in the preparation of traditional desserts.

Technical sheet

Characteristics of the Sapa

The product

The Sapa produced by Terre di San Ginesio is made with only single ingredients: grapes absolutely no additives (no colorants, no preservatives, no thickeners). It obtained by slow and prolonged boiling of the must and is characterized by its amber color and a sweet an intense flavor.

The history

The Sapa has ancient origins that date back to Roman age. A Latin author, Apicius, called the “sapuum” as a cooked grape must, concentrated, sweet, that it was included in the diet of Roman legionaries.

How to taste

The Sapa is excellent with cheese (instead of honey and jam), with ice cream (drowned in Sapa), on strawberries and fruit salad, to make a sauce with vinegar, to be used on meat, on vegetables, with fries (as an alternative to ketchup and mayonnaise) and in other ways.