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Vino cotto - Traditional product of the Marche region

I t is the ancient “Caroenum”, favorite wine of the roman emperors. The must cooking before the alcoholic fermetation, gives to the Picenum a pleasantly sweet flavour, balanced and persistent. This wine, obtained with typical grapes of our territory as sangiovese e trebbiano, is a blend of several years, it is perfect alone, with dessert, with chestnuts and also with aged and blue cheeses

Technical sheet

Characteristics of the wine Picenum

Production area

The grapes come from our vineyards located in the territory of San Ginesio, between 300 and 400 meters above sea level on the hills of the Fiastrella valley. The soil is medium textured, clayey, deep and fertile.


White and black berries grapes such as Trebbiano, Sangiovese and others local varieties.

Vinification and aging

After the soft crushing and de-stemming, the must is cooked on naked flame; on average, this method reduces an average reduction of 1/3 the initial volume of the must. Once cooked, the must is placed in oak barrels where it begins a long period of fermentation that continues for years. After a further aging on lees it is finally bottled. In this wine sulphites are not added.

Organoleptic characteristics

Crystal clear and amber color; the aroma is complex and goes from caramel to dates, dried figs to honey; soft, warm, excellent sweetness never cloying and perfectly integrated with freshness and flavor, balanced, persistent, delicate and harmonious.


Excellent with dry pastries, roasted chestnuts, peaches, spicy or blue cheeses; in some territories of Marche cooked wine is part of the traditional Easter breakfast together the typical donut, with ciauscolo and pecorino cheese. It is perfect even by itself being a great "meditation wine."

Service temperature

From 12°C to 18°C, according to the seasons or personal taste.